Black-footed Cat Research South Africa – Annual Reports

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The following annual reports are prepared by Dr Alex Sliwa and the team conducting Black-footed Cat research in South Africa.

This project is one of the longest running wild cat monitoring projects, with origins in the 1990's when Dr Sliwa first studied these cats.

Currently there are two study locations, both in the Northern Cape province; a nature reserve near Kimberley and two adjacent farms near De Aar.


Kindly note all the images from the reports are copyright Dr Alex Sliwa - please do not use without his permission.

Black-footed Cat (Felis nigripes)
Black-footed Cat by Gerald Hinde from the book Cats of Africa

2017 Report on Black-footed Cat monitoring in South Africa

Hulk - a large, beautiful male. © A. Sliwa

Hulk eating a gerbil. © A. Sliwa

Male Darth became resident. © A. Sliwa


Cats collared at beginning of 2017: 11

Cats died during 2017:                 - 3

New cats collared:                        + 2

Total cats collared at end of 2017:  10

Sliwa, A., Wilson, B., Küsters, M., Herrick, J., Eggers, B., Kusak, J., and Marais, S. 2018. Report on surveying, catching and monitoring Black-footed cats (Felis nigripes) on Benfontein Nature Reserve, Nuwejaarsfontein and Taaiboschpoort Farms in 2017.

SA2017 BFC report.pdf

BFC 2017 Kimberley Cats

Male Odin Male Luke Male Anakin Female Freya Female Leia
Year Collared 201x 201x Nov 2016 201x 201x
Recaptured Nov 2017 Y Y Died Nov 2017 Y Y
Comments Cause of death unknown Two kittens
Range Size 2017 23.6 km2 26.0 km2 8.9 km2 10.1 km2 6.9 km2
Cats collared at end Nov 2017 #1 #2 #3 #4


BFC 2017 De Aar Cats

Male Hulk Male Darth Male Rikon Male Drogo Female Nele Female Arya Female Sani Female Gyra
Year Collared 201x 201x Nov 2017 201x 201x Nov 2017 Nov 2014 Nov 2015
Recaptured Nov 2017 Y Y New Y Y New Died Apr 2017 Died Feb 2017
Comments Juvenile One kitten One kitten Amyloidosis suspected Amyloidosis suspected
Range Size 2017 79.9 km2 43.3 km2 4.1 km2 15.4 km2 10.4 km2 6.0 km2 8.2 km2 ---
Cats collared at end Nov 2017 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6


Nele's kitten ~ 3 weeks old. © A. Sliwa

Nele moving her kitten. © M. Küsters & A. Sliwa

Freya's 2 month old kittens. © A. Sliwa

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