Black-footed Cat Key Facts

*   Second smallest of all wild cats   *   Endemic to Southern Africa   *   Requires no drinking water   *

Black-footed Cat (Felis Nigripes)
Black-footed Cat by Gerald Hinde
From the book Cats of Africa

Black-footed Cat Information

SCIENTIFIC NAME Felis nigripes


NAME ORIGIN The Black-footed Cat is named after the black undersides of its feet. It is also called the Small Spotted Cat after its tiny size and the spots on its coat.

In Afrikaans (South Africa) it is called a miershooptier, which means "Anthill Tiger", as it often makes its den in abandoned termite mounds and has a ferocious demeanour.


SIZE The Black-footed Cat is the second smallest cat species in the world and the smallest African cat, weighing a maximum of only 2.5 kgs.



IDENTIFICATION The Black-footed Cat is a very small species of wild cat, covered with small dark spots and has a short face similar to domestic cats. More about Black-footed Cat Description...


UNIQUE BEHAVIOUR The Black-footed Cat lives in semi-arid regions and obtains all its moisture from its food. It requires no drinking water at all.

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Black-Footed Cat Distribution Map
Black-footed Cat Distribution Map
Reproduced with permission from the book Cats of Africa

Black-footed Cat Distribution

The Black-footed Cat is endemic to southern Africa and found only in the semi-arid parts of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.


More about Black-footed Cat Distribution...

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